Monday, December 31, 2012

"The End of the 2012"

As the year comes to a close, I have decided it is time to print this blog into a book.  I love blogging and wish I had more time to record my memories and adventureless as they may be. 

I have a favorite picture taken this past Christmas.  It is of the family room Christmas tree.

One thing I have learned in my life is things don't always, make that usually, turn out as we want them to.  Such is the case with our family Christmas tree.  No amount of bracing could get it to stand up stable and straight.  Eventually I decided to chain it to the filing cabinet.  The chain was decorated, the chain kept our special ornaments unbroken, and the chain kept the tree standing upright....straight and tall. 

That is how life is lived.  Many times I feel I am going to fall over, break, be damaged.  But family, friends, prayer, testimony...they all hold me upright...straight and tall.  And just as this tree is beautiful...and even brings an extra added smile when the chain is recognized...I know that is how I am too.  Many may not realize the help I have and need to keep me beautiful and upright...but an added smile always comes with imperfection.  It is like a sigh of relief...that we, and our lives, can be beautiful in our imperfection...perhaps even more so.

So so long 2012.  May 2013 be filled with more of the same - smiles, strength to conquer the hard times which are sure to come, and faith in humanity that together we can all be beautiful and have all the help we need to keep from falling over!