Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pioneer Trek

Bishop Leavenworth said when he was called to be the bishop, he knew that the youth needed to go on a pioneer trek for their Youth Conference.  He and the bishopric worked really hard to make this a great experience for the kids.  They put the kids into the "families" that they felt would help them most.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, many of the youth did not choose to go.  Brooklyn's family consisted of three young women and the ma and pa.  I couldn't believe these girls would be pulling the handcart without the help of more males.

During the pioneer trek their is a "women's pull."  This is reminiscent of when the men were called away to battle and the women were left to continue on the trek.  I joked with Brooklyn that her whole trek would be a women's pull. 

Aaron Langston, Summer Stevens, Shaylee Johnson, Brooklyn and Katie Langston
I was asked to be a driver.  We all met at the location and then shuttled cars to the end location.  The kids would be walking about 23 miles.  The lead car took us on the route the group would be trekking on.  It was rocky and often times very steep.  One car got stuck in a ditch we crossed and had to be pulled out.   I worried  about the kids and adults twisting their ankles.  I felt bad for the peoples' cars that we were driving because we were definitely 4-wheeling most of the way. 

I am so proud of Brooklyn.  She always has such a good attitude and is up for anything.  She is not a fan of camping, but she does like to hike and loves the outdoors.  I am grateful for her desire to be obedient and to commit to whatever is asked of her. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend with my kids

I was so excited to have my kids come for the weekend.  Brandon had been wanting to fix me a Mexican meal ever since returning from his Spanish-speaking mission in Nebraska.  Brandon and Amber are pretty content to lay around, sleep, relax...but Justin is a goer and a doer.  He was asking before he even came what we would be doing on Saturday.  So we decided to head into St. George and go bowling.  Justin is a really good bowler...notice all his strikes!

Afterwards we went to Three Amigos, the mexican food grocery store in St. George.  It was fun to look around there and see and hear the boys salivating over the food they have missed so much.  We were all a little hungry from the bowling so we picked up some Little Caesars pizza and ate at the pavillion on the Dixie State College Campus.

Justin found an exercise place across the park and practiced some of his gymnasics skills.

I have the greatest kids...and no I am not prejudiced.  I really enjoy being with them.  They are good people, fun and interesting.

We headed home and Brandon made the wonderful meal...carne asada that he grilled and other yummies.  We then played Apples to Apples.  Grandma joined us...and Christian came over too.  After that we watched 17 Miracles.  Justin had been wanting to see that movie ever since returning from his mission.

The next day we went to church and came home to prepare for them to leave.  I was so sad.  I love having my kids here.

After they left, I felt that little let-down where all I wanted to do is lay in my bed and think of how much I love when they are here and miss them when they are gone.  I didn't lay there too long when my phone rang.  It was my Uncle R.B.  He asked me what my house looked like.  I said, "What?  Are you in front of my house?"  Sure enough, he and my Aunt Lena were stopping by on their way back to Texas.

I love my Uncle R.B. and Aunt Lena.  They have always been so good to me and their kids are wonderful cousins.  My Uncle R.B. will call me every so often and I am always taken aback when I answer the phone because he sounds so much like my dad.  I am thankful they remember me and take the time to stop by. 

I still have a voicemail on my phone that my Aunt Lena left back in August of 2010   .  One day I know it will be erased so I will write down what she said:

Sheri, this is Lena.  I'm at work.  I can't remember what time your plane took off.  I just wanted to tell you we talked about you after you left yesterday.  We enjoyed so much having you at church and at our house.  It was great.  So anytime you want to come back just feel so free.  The girls said, "Yea, we could go to Sam Moons and we could show her this and take her there.  Just anytime you want to take a break we would so love to have you.  And I have a real nice bed and a bathroom that will be all yours.  Just know that we really enjoyed having you.  I hope you have a good safe trip and a welcome home.  Talk to you later alright.  Bye.

That message was so sweet and so nice and I keep it because every so often I like to listen to it and feel of my Texas Pennington family's love. 

Charlie's Blessing Day

We were so excited to get a new baby in our family.  Ginger and Tyler made a little one that is the perfect combination of the two of them.  It was a fun weekend.  We went the night before to Meadow so we would have a little extra time with the fam.  Grandma had brought the kids these disgusting liquidy candy things that had edible gel bugs in them.  The kids had a fun and gross time eating them!

Ginger and her family live in the perfect spot...she is smack dab between Sandy and La Verkin so it is an easy meeting place for me and my kids.  Justin came for the blessing and was able to show off his new car, give me some son-love and hang with his cousins.

Charlie looked super cute in his foreign made blessing outfit.  His cake was amazing and made by a family friend.  It was truly his day to be the center of attention.

Everyone couldn't wait to take their turn holding this cutie-patootie!  He usually looks uncomfortable because he is!  He likes his mom and dad, but the rest of us...not so much!

We had a delicious soup bar complete with bread bowls.  While we were eating yummy food Charlie was enjoying a part of his cake...and then not enjoying some squash.

We then headed outside for some windy family pictures. 

I always love getting together with my matter the occassion!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friends !!!

I love when my Sandy friends come to see me in La Verkin.  Sometimes they come to stay a weekend, sometimes they detour on their way to Zions, sometimes they stop by on their way to other destinations...but they come!

I love that I we can reconnect and remember.  Thank you for stopping means so much!

Brent and Laura Stringham brought their kiddos, Jane, Lizzy, Charlie and Nora.  Sara and Angi Hilton came for a sleepover, and Paula Taylor, Ranae Sutton and Tammy Adams did a dropby from Zions.  I am a lucky girl to have such good friends.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"It's Mine!"

Little kids will often say, "Mine!" when they want something that they think belongs to them.  Well, you could have been hearing me say that in the Home Depot store.  I had taken a decoration from my backporch to the store to match a paint color to it.  I found the perfect shade of green, ordered up seven gallons of paint, and left the store.  When I was outside putting the cans in my car, I accidentally left my decoration in the basket.  I did not realize this until I was heading home from my job in St. George.  I began to fluctuate in my mind if I should stop then and make sure I didn't have it or if I should just head home and worry about it later.  Thank goodness I stopped to check.  It was not in my car.

I went into Home Depot and checked with Customer Service.  They looked through their lost and found and said they did not have it.  I trotted down to the Commercial Register where I had checked out and asked the man who had helped me if he had seen my sign.  He got a sheepish grin on his face as he called his manager.  Sure enough, the manager had liked my sign so much that he had hung it up in his office.  He said he was sorry...not that he had taken it...but that I had come to get it.  He said he really like the message on the sign. 

Thank goodness I took to heart to "Relax and enjoy yourself" or I might have given that manager my two cents.  I wondered if I should have been upset or flattered...I haven't decided yet!