Friday, June 3, 2011

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend began on Saturday for me. My son Brandon and his fiance Amber came down to join me and Brooklyn for a night. We had a nice lunch on the outdoor patio - nachos and strawberry shortcake. Then we met up with Grandma at the cemetery. I have never been to "Decoration Day" as I have never lived by any of my families' graves. Now that my father is buried nearby - and he was a Vietnam vet - we were able to go and pay tribute to him. We decorated his grave and talked about the heroism he had as he flew 4 missions over Hanoi allowing many American prisoners to be released. He flew over 360 combat missions as a navigator/bombardier on the B-52 bomber. I know my dad doesn't like froo-froo, so hopefully the grave was to his liking.

The next day, Sunday, was my little sister Ginger's wedding. This date, May 29, was significant because it is my mom and dad's anniversary. She married a wonderful man who knew and loved her children before he even knew her. The wedding was held on Tyler's property in an open air barn. The ceremony went beautifully, but then the wind started blowing, the rain started falling and we all started freezing in the 46 degree weather. We chattered as we ate the BBQ lunch and finished off with the beautiful cake Ginger's friend had made. I had some favorite quotes during the wedding and reception. The mayor, who was marrying Ginger and Tyler said, "I have never seen two people more anxious to get married." Tyler said, "I do" at least 3 times before it was time to say I do! The mayor finally said, "I will tell you when it is time." He is a darling man and wept through the ceremony. He is so in love with Ginger and her with him. Laynie couldn't stop smiling. She said her smile was frozen on...and although that could have been true, I think everyone was just really happy for this new little family. Ginger and her kiddos will now call Meadow, Utah home. It is only two hours from here, so I know I will still see them often. Congratulations - and Tyler, welcome to the family. I hope you like us as much as we like you :)

The fun continued into Tuesday when we made a quick trip up to Sandy for Amber's family bridal shower. I had to work that morning and the next afternoon, so when I say it was quick, I mean it! The shower was at her Grandma's house and it was fun, delicious and beautiful. We had enchiladas, taco salad, key lime pie, chocolate covered strawberries and lots of other yummy food. The party was fun and Brandon arrived for the last half. It was so fun to see those two kids again. I am so excited for them to begin their married life together. Their marriage has been five years in the making as they began dating two years before he left on his mission. As the dutiful mother-in-law to be, I gave them their bedding with some fun bedroom games. Let's hope they don't open them until the night of June 30th!

We stopped by the old neighborhood to drop off a few wedding gifts and were lucky to see a few friends. It was nice to see their smiles and feel their hugs. And then we were off again to drive back South. We stopped and stayed the night in Meadow at the newlywed's house. They didn't mind us crashing there as we helped them move in some stuff and got the beds set up. Thanks Stewart family for hosting us while you were still on your honeymoon!

It was a very busy four days, but I wouldn't have traded any of it. Each event signified that families are the most important thing in this world.