Thursday, August 28, 2008


Brandon has been singing that song since he was my very little boy...and now he is heading off for two years. It was exciting tonight as he opened his mission call and found out he would be serving in the Omaha, Nebraska Spanish speaking Mission. He leaves on December 3. There are two incredible things about this mission call. Two weeks before the call came Brandon had a dream that he would be serving in the Omaha, Nebraska mission. He may have been living close to the spirit to have that dream. I think for him it was a confirmation that he will be serving in the place the Lord wants him to serve. The other incredible thing is that Brandon's paternal grandfather and great-grandparents were born in Omaha. For 15 years I have been searching this family history line and have come to a dead end. This may someway, somehow open the door for this work to progress. I am proud of Brandon and am so excited for him to begin this new journey in his life. This was not only his dream...but his mom's dream as well! Congratulations Elder Moore!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It Was The Best Of Times - It Was The Worst of Times !

The best of times is definitely going to see my niece Aubrey marry Kenny in the Rexburg, Idaho temple. She was beautiful and they looked so happy. After the wedding we headed up to LoLo, Montana for the amazing outdoor reception. There was great food, dancing, the bride and groom running through sparklers, and finally the event ended with them riding off on a Harley. It was a quick trip but the company was fantastic, the scenery breathtaking, and the four days away much needed.

And now on to the worst of times, which is the real reason I haven't blogged for the last month... GIRL'S CAMP!!!!! For anyone who knows me even remotely, they know that dirt, bugs, campfire smoke, tents, no bathtub, and flashlighting it to go to the bathroom are just a few of the reasons Girl's Camp is not my thing. I asked one of the young women, "Do you like Girl's Camp?" She sweetly answered, "I like you." And that is exactly how I feel. I don't like girl's camp, but I love the girls...and so I go. The girls are so cute. They always have french braids, bandanas, and funky clothes and it is just plain fun to be with them. Congratulations to Cheryl for making the best of a "bad" situation! Cheryl and I are great friends...neither one of us can sing worth a lick, we both have a hard time camping, and we know with just a look what the other one is least if I have to camp it is with you friend!