Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

I was standing at the kitchen sink doing the dishes, when I looked out the window and noticed something purple in the very back corner of my yard. Being in my mid-forties, my eyes are going bad, and I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I have a very large yard and I have struggled getting plants and flowers and vegetable gardens in. I have also struggled getting the irrigation and drip system to work properly. No sooner do I plant one thing and the next day it is drooping or dry. So what could this amazing color be?

I hurriedly put on my shoes and raced to the backyard. Could something actually bloom in the direst of places? No water, a concrete wall and a broken wooden fence, meet in the corner, and somehow provide the perfect place for this wisteria. There are no leaves, just beautiful purple blooms, dripping from a barren vine. I followed the vine down to the ground, hoping and praying that the root was on my side of the fence. Yes, it is! I must get water on it, so maybe in time it will have green leaves as well. Before it was hiding, but now that it has made itself known, I can begin to tend it and love it.

There is a lesson in most things, if we try to find it. We can bloom anywhere. The ground may be dry and the resources for survival lacking...but sometimes miracles can happen...and even in the direst of circumstances, we can become beautiful.