Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brooklyn's New Ride

Where does the time go? My baby girl will be sixteen in a couple of weeks. I was surprised when she said she wanted her first car to be a truck. She said she wanted to haul around her dog and garden supplies! She gets embarrassed when I say this, but she is working so hard to make the backyard look nice. I do the front yard and she does the back yard. She researches different flowers, buys and plants them, and even learned how to hook up the drip system. She is a very hard worker and it shows with how the yard is taking shape. We even hung the tire swing this week!

We could use another vehicle in the family, so we were mui excited to find this 11 year old truck that looked brand new and nearly was with only 69,000 miles on it. After purchasing it, we took it to a repair shop for inspection and they said they couldn't find one thing wrong with it...SCORE!!!

I love that Brooklyn now gets to do her practice driving in her own car instead of mine :) We have been driving about 45 minutes a night to get her practice time in...and with gas prices what they is pricey!

We were able to go to the city dump yesterday and bring back a load of compost for our garden because we now have a truck in the family. Sad thing was, Brooklyn had just washed her car the day before. Oh well.

Enjoy your new car look good in it!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Blessed Mama

Mother's Day rocked for me this year. Actually it rocks for me every year because I have 3 great kids.

Brandon surprised me on Saturday night by showing up at the door at about 9:30pm. I was jumping up and down, squealing with delight. I was even more excited when he said he would be able to stay until Tuesday morning. I had a beautiful time with him and he even took me on a date! Thanks Brandon for being the perfect son for me. You made your mama so happy :)

One of the most magnificent blessings that comes with being a "missionary mama" is that my son is able to call me on Mother's Day. This year we were able to skype. It was wonderful to see his face and hear his voice. Because the electrical outlets in this house burn up my computer cords, we have to plug the computer in the bathroom GFI outlet to charge it. We spent 3 hours skyping with Elder Moore and much of it was spent sitting on the toilet with the laptop sitting on the bathroom sink. This shot was in the beginning before it died! It was so fun for Justin to be able to skype with his brother and sister, cousins, his aunt and his grandma who were also here for the big event. He was also able to meet Ginger's fiance Tyler for the first time! Elder Moore, thanks for spending time with me on Mother's Day. I love you and am so proud of you.

Brooklyn gave me a beautiful red geranium for Mother's Day. I love it...but the best gift of all was watching her receive her Young Women's medallion. She has worked so hard to complete her Personal Progress (with little help from me) and I am so proud of her. She received her medallion on Mother's Day and the next Sunday she was honored at an amazing Stake Recognition Night. The decorations, the speakers, the feeling of it all was perfect. Brooklyn is a wonderful daughter and she brightens each day of my life.

This year my mom, Ginger and her fiance Tyler and her kids came to join us for Mother's Day dinner. We had yummy Coconut Chicken Curry with mango salsa and some delish banana splits for dessert.

When I was a younger Mom, Mother's Day was always a painful day. I do not know if I expected to much from my children or from myself. I have learned to not have just let the day flow. When this happens, I am always blessed to overflowing. This was a perfect day. I may not be the perfect mom, but my children let me know I am the perfect mom for them.

Thank you Brandon, Justin and Brooklyn for giving me the best gift in the world...that of being a mother. I love each one of you with all my heart.