Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sadie Hawkins

Brooklyn isn't too keen on asking boys on dates or to dances.  Sadie Hawkins at the high school is interesting.  The girls buy a "necklace" from the office and have to tag the boy with it by putting it around their neck.  The catch is that it can't be done on school property.

Brooklyn had a couple of plans up her sleeve, but they didn't end up working out like she wanted them to.  In the end she tagged Christian at a nearby park.  She bought matching Captain America t-shirts for the both of them.  They always enjoy being together and this day was no different. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Presidential Election

This was a hard year for me presidentially.  I have felt our nation has been going in the wrong direction for a long time and some of our basic freedoms are being threatened.  I have not felt we have a president who values the same things I value. 

Working at Howard and Nelda Whitehead's home has kept me politically informed.  Fox 13 news is continually on as well as Rush Limbaugh.  I feel as if this presidential election has been going on for a year!  The debates always left me with a pit in my stomach.  So much time accusing and defending and proving, and lying.  It was not pleasant but I felt I needed to listen to it, to be informed.

I do feel good about Mitt Romney.  Yes, he is a Mormon, a religion we both belong to.  But I also saw him come in and save our Salt Lake Olympics after a terrible scandal.  I know he recognizes how to be  financially responsible and I also believe him to be a leader. 

I felt the news was very biased against him.  I also believed there to be many fraudulent votes cast for the current president.  Some bragged that they had voted 16 times.  This all seems so unreal to me.

I watched on the day of voting as the race was so close...too close.  It was reported that in some counties not even one vote was cast for Mitt Romney.  How could that be?

As President Obama was once again pronounced the winner I felt sick to my stomach. Brooklyn tried to talk to me, but I could not speak.  I sat in shock.  I finally told her I was very upset...I could not believe what had just happened.   Another four years of this! Can't people see what is so obvious to me?  The only comfort I found was in knowing that God is in control.  I know that all is going according to His plan.  That is the only thing that brings me peace.

Mitt, my prayers are with you.  You fought a good fight...but good does not always triumph in this mortal world. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Brotherhood

As my children were growing up, they loved to participate in athletics.  They played soccer, baseball, football, basketball...did gymnastics, dance, and karate.  It was all TOO MUCH.  Too much running here and going there.  Sitting in the rain, sitting in the sun, sitting in traffic.  I was tired...and even though we were all having fun, I believe they were tired as well.

I finally said, "Can we pick one sport and be really good at that sport?"  They all chose basketball.  I love basketball.  It is indoors, it is short and it is quick.  It can get heated...just ask Brandon!  It is fun.  The boys played Jr. Jazz basketball and eventually moved into Super League - their team was named "Good on Wood"...even getting to play in the Delta Center.  Brooklyn also played Jr. Jazz.  She was chosen for her Summit 9th Grade Basketball team and they took the state championship that year.  Brandon's name hangs in the rafters at Indian Hills Middle School to this day.

There was a great basketball standard installed in the RV parking driveway between our house and the Starks.  Boys from all over the neighborhood would come by to play a pick up game, HORSE, or just shoot alone...lost in their own thoughts.

I had a window that looked out on that slab of concrete and would sit in the window seat...also lost in my own thoughts as the ball bounced and swished.

I loved when the boys played priest ball.  Sometimes it was scary...but it was always exciting.  I knew the day would come when they would all go their separate ways and the ball would stop bouncing.  It made my heart ache.  I loved basketball...but more than that I loved the basketball players.

When searching for a house in Utah, I looked for six months.  I came to realize I wasn't looking for the perfect house, I was looking for the neighborhood...and more importantly the neighbors.  Little did I know when moving into 1243 E. Forest Ridge Rd., I would be establishing an extended family for my children to grow up with.  Eastridge 2nd Ward was filled with the greatest boys and they loved to be together. 

This group of boys encouraged each other, motivated each other and loved each other.  They played ball together, video games together, collected fast offerings together, and put in mission papers together.  They truly were brothers.  As they all left on missions, and I moved away from the house on Forest Ridge, I longed in my heart to see them play ball again.  I wondered if it would ever happain.  And it did!

After Justin returned from his mission, a pick up game was organzied at our local church building.  Although it lacked the intensity of a priest ball game, the love...the enjoyment...the brotherhood could be felt once again.

Dano Lym, Adam Lee, Ryan Waite, Brandon, Me, Justin, Eric Lee, Matt Farr, Mike Kersey, Ian Lee, Greg Rose

These boys I know will always stay close and keep each other in line.  I couldn't ask for better brothers for my kids.  I love them all!