Monday, October 27, 2008

Justin and His $$$$$

Justin likes girls...but he LOVES his jeep (and you can see from his face he hates pictures). He can often be found lifting it, 4 wheeling it, cleaning it, parking it straight up on a snow bank/dirt bank/construction something or other, or adding parts to it that I don't even know the name of or what they do. He went to Moab earlier this year to take it on some "sweet" trails. This rattling on is all to prove a point. He thinks spending money on his jeep is great, it will always be around, it always looks "hot", and he can make it into exactly what he wants. On the other hand, girls are different. He would rather spend his money on something he knows will last - and a girl is just not it. However, I am really good at making deals with Justin to manipulate him into doing what I want him to do. As I said, "Money talks with him!" (We know this from past haircut blog, right?). I told him it is not fair for him to continue depriving all those cute high school girls from going on a date with him. I told him in no uncertain terms he had to attend at least two boy-ask-girl school dances this year - and that I would help pay for them. Lucky for one cute girl, he listened. He took a cutie to Homecoming and I think they both looked fabulous. The day of the dance he told me he wanted to wear white suspenders and a white tie...hmmmm where can I get that?...of course at the distribution center. Very white and very cheap! They had a wonderful time and I hope he will recognize girls are not a waste of money...they are the essence of life!

Sleeping Babies...zzzzz....

When my children were little I loved to watch them sleep. I loved to rock them, stare at them, and just know they were safe at home. Now that they are teenagers...nothing has changed. When Brooklyn turned 13 in June you would have thought the world was ending. She did not want to be a teenager. She said, "Teenagers sleep too much and they are rude to their parents." After informing her these are both choices, she was determined to not be either. Well, NOT! She does both...I guess it comes with the teens! Anyway, this is how I found my three tykes on a Sunday afternoon...actually for Brooklyn it was a Sunday 11 am...yes, sleeping too much! You mothers of young children will one day understand how rare it is to have all teenagers home at the same time and the comfort that comes from knowing they are all safe!

I Can't Believe How Beautiful It Is!

Many of you know I have this amazing friend Jaime. He can make all my wildest dreams come true. So when I asked him to turn this icky attic space into a beautiful office for me...he did! Feast your eys on my new office/scrapbook room/sanctuary. I still have decorating to do so it is not quite finished, but I bet you will agree that I am one lucky girl. This is right off my bedroom and is a dream come true.


And after:

I also put this saying on the wall, because who can help but be happy in this beautiful new hideaway.

Jaime does hire out and can do if you need a great job done to perfection...let me introduce you to him. I promise you will be happy :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Never Tell a Guy He Doesn't Know How To Dress...

...especially if it is Brandon. Brandon has been dating Amber for almost two years. They are really cute together and find ways to make each other laugh. Amber told Brandon that he could use some improvement on his "style". Brandon, not being one to take things lightly, showed up at her house to pick her up for a date. Needless to say, she was speechless. I don't think she will ever say anything about the way he dresses again!